You and your small talks = Fail.

  • ako: (carrying this heavy lot)
  • siya: (faces me and stares at this tray im carrying)
  • ako: want to help? (yes in english)
  • siya: ha? ano yun? (smiles and steps towards me)
  • ako: baka gusto mo akong tulungan?
  • siya: ano ulit? (took one step closer)
  • ako: sabi ko umuwi ka na. gabi na. (having a hard time with the tray)
  • siya: stayback ka?
  • ako: (pauses and then walks away)

SB na naman.

that stands for stayback wehehe on my home right now. walked the downhill path from the plant to the main road. when i got to step out from the borth gate after i thanked manong guard for opening it for me. it rained that afternoon so i thought it was going to rain sooner since its extra chilly. and i dont have a jacket with me.

the second i looked at the night sky. i saw a bright shooting star. left me grinning like a lunatic XD

so salamat Papa Jesus, for making me smile despite the pressure from work **,

you know that ive been a fan of overlaps and staybacks lately. most of the time. when my mind is in track of the time despite the crazy line issues. id call the companys health center to arrange a service. other times i dont so id go home and take a taxi cab at 2am. which makes everyone so afraid for me.
so tonight i got to arrange for a service only to find they hadnt coordinated it with concerned personnels. so yes. no service for me.
i felt like crying. not from the fear of going home alone. or from their constant remarks or warnings that ill probably end up being raped. i got teary eyed from the utter disappointment.
there i was expecting and well there i was -.

and for a beat there the world suddenly made ammends for whatever mishap it made. because petty as it may sound. sakit ni nga joke. nabaw pu nagdulot.

the companys security with their walkietalkies. and kuya drivers efforts naman. i still got a service home.

so what am i yapping about? disappointments never loses its touch on me. after everything thats happened. my oh my.

andbutso. i need to puke to get the alcohol out of my system. when my day was ending last night. ged went home with this giant cabinet its crazy shit. man where is she going to place this. some time in between the ruckus she gave me her phone to answer a phonecall. the whole time i thought it was richard. but oh oh oh it was sanchi pala. so the guys were planning to have some shat sessions. first and last since sanchis leaving for the states. hes doing a drink beer in 60seconds challenge for their org in up. he failed after he drunk the first can. he was supposed to drink two. will post a video about that. so now. i think i have a hangover. also a first. because i drank this much beer. also a first. and my atay is reminding me why i dont drink in the first place. i hate the waking up part.

i got really sleepy towards the end of it. we were talking about breakups. oh in english of course. i got so confused with my self. why am i even being curious. again. given the amount of time from then and now.

i hate it when i dont get enough rest. my thoughts are multiplied to an exponent and the rate of change i hope can be differential.

but for the futile attempts of it, i hope i can shake you off my system.

sakto si richard. im not ready yet. i dont need him to point that out.

what i need is a penny. a cruiser. to skate my fucking thoughts away.

also. i miss you.
wala ko labot kung ginabasa mo ni or kung wala mo ginabasa.

also. bisan how plastic this may sound but im not asking for anything. im not signing myself to go thru all of that again. im not even going to start wih the discussion of ‘feelings’ kay i lack that nowadays.

also. i keep asking myself what am i even doing lately. ano na naman ni. para sa ano ni.

i already said what i need to say. and i cant work other things from it. indi ko kaya mag go beyond i swear.

this is starting to get ridiculous and pathetic so ill stop.

indi na ko magliwat inom.


"Naluyag ko sa imo Penny."

Handum kag Dumot ko.
kung indi ka kapoy please lang. just got home from work. overlap stayback. this shit just. might kill me. good bye motherfu- *flatline*

kung indi ka kapoy please lang. just got home from work. overlap stayback. this shit just. might kill me. good bye motherfu- *flatline*



kakao what?

i received 3 messages in kakao. i thought it would be from sues kasi im only using it because of her. but kakao and its stupid computer generated messaging decided to sort of order me saying ‘we thought you might like to connect with *********’ i got super confused at first since the name on my contacts did not match the name kakaos being crazy about. so i took a moment. the moment did not work. why even click a profile named after my tumblr. and so. that was when i realized that i saved this someones name as tuodbala on my phone contact. so ok. ‘like to connect’ doesnt sound bad.

"ba’t ba ayaw mo pa? kailan pa ba yun? o e ang tagal na pala! ano ba yan."

Richard aka RickyMartin