"Tired of shit not killing me & only making me stronger"

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Hi Joods!

gagaaaaa hahahahahahaha viber me or text! ano number mo?! gatext ko sa smart mo!

hey tall guy.

acknowledging me. from a guy i havent hanged out with or talked to for more than 5 minutes. is very refreshing. in short id say wala arte bala. just a simple non awkward with a bit of sincere smile. yep. you definitely caught me there. and for the first time in a long time. wala ko nakontento sa amu lang to. i never wanted to talk to someone so bad like i did with you last night. i liked your smart remarks even if it were in ilokano and i didnt understand any of the word you said. i liked how you make all the girls in the group laugh like crazy when you comment on something. i liked how you were not bored at all with everyone. even when we made you drive in circles given baguios downtown district. 3 bottles in. and well im kind of drunk. enough to give me courage to strike a conversation. im a little bit rusty with boys so pasensya. but the minute i sat right next you. you didnt miss a beat and to my surprise you started with ‘magkaapartment pa rin ba kayo ni mart?’. we liked talked for the whole 2 hours. i know they might have sensed it that i was definitely asking for your attention but i hope it did not seem flirty. wala ko tuyo. i wanted to be your friend. i want to be your friend. i want to be your friend bisan pa piliton mo ko maglearn ilokano just so id get your jokes. and when were going home and id say luckily im the last person youd drop off and you were telling me that you knew the way because you already drove mart some time ago. but you missed a turn anyway and we ended having additional 10minutes. i liked how you said ‘napasarap kasi usapan yan tuloy hindi ko napansin yung daanan’. i liked it when you finally came clean and you werent sure where exactly youd drop me off. then you were asking me. and i said i wont tell. and you said ‘iuwi na lng kita’. that very long drive in five thirty in the morning. with the blue in the sky fighting the night away. your car radio on a very low volume. i didnt mind how it was effin cold or that im still going to work at 3pm and im very very tired and sleepy. for the first time in a long time. though it was very hard to deny the similarities, i did not wish for anything or anyone else but your good company.

hello. nice to meet you ♥

hello. nice to meet you ♥

Did you open na your heart?


Anlamig na kasi eh. 😛

"lets get drunk and tell each other things were so afraid to say sober"

jrg ‘course

im drunck dude. and so if i mispll things pleaes know tgta im trying my beat nor to. i kind of had a dribking session wig mart . and he kind of asked aboyt my breakup. whne was the exact date and why jerry kees asking himr to ask me. so.i told him that it was feb yes. and he asked me if we were still talking. i said whne the ocxassion callls i gues. and what nade me happt is that mart said that when r
jerry asked him if we broke up he tild him that he never heard me cry or i never called for a shat sessionn so he qasnt sure about anything. i felt triumphant.because thats what i wanted for my apartmebt mates not to know first habd. so all is well. but if you qant to ask. we drabk wine!!! so grown up. prolly regret this in the morning but qhat the hell! i miss you! thats wahats this is all about. thank god i did not drabk call you
if i did i could have told you fucj you in the most sexy way i can probably do. fuck gyou



"now accepting rolls of film as gifts. lucky bw shd. konica centuria. fuji superia. big grins XD"

handum kag dumot

finally finished Rick Riordan’s the Olympians aka Percy Jackson Series. been reading it on off for two weeks now. been up til 5am last night so i could finish the last book. there was this part in which Hermes kind of regrets the relationship he had with his son. he had no other choice about it but to stay silent and stay away. though be it the hardest thing he did but meant the best for his loved one. so he did anyway. stay silent and so so so far away.